Workshops & Education

Becky teaches and speaks at universities, institutions and conferences. She is committed to passing on her knowledge of immersive and interactive experiences.

Becky delivers education in many contexts:

– Workshops
– Mentoring
– Panel Speaking
– Talks

Workshops Available for Booking

Audiences on the Move

Immersive and interactive audiences are active agents, constantly moving and changing an environment. Drawing on her experience from shows such as The ‘Neath, HEIST, The Crystal Maze Live Experience and more, immersive specialist Becky Brown leads this practical workshop on audience management. During the session participants will explore different methods of manipulating a mobile audience, learning crucial skills and reacting to the unexpected, using current techniques developed for running experiential shows.

Exchange Rate: Give and Take in Immersive Theatre

What would you give? In this workshop, Becky introduces the concept of ‘trade’ in immersive theatre. How do you reward audiences for their curiosity? How do you put a narrative price on an audience member’s attentiveness or determination?

This workshop offers a forensic examination of actor-audience dynamics, and presents a powerful mechanic for engaging storytelling in an interactive world.

Producing: From the First Spreadsheet

With her experience across theatre, festivals and more, Becky leads this workshop which introduces participants to different aspects of producing. This workshop will allow students to begin working with tools and techniques of producing in a practical way.

Story and Space: Realising Narrative in the Real World

A creative workshop for everyone: creators, actors, directors, producers and audiences. Creative Producer Becky Brown explores the process of bringing an idea for an experience to production. What makes an engaging experience? How do we bring space to life in satisfying and memorable ways? How can we create atmosphere in non-theatrical spaces, and use it to compel our audiences? A diverse creative hour, this workshop is designed to inspire participants with the full range of possibilities that non-traditional theatre can offer.

Bespoke workshops are also available. Get in touch here to find out more or to discuss a workshop or a lecture.